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I got bit (in a suit)!

Steve and his dad have been teaching me helper work and I finally got some good pics. The suit is so freaking hot. I thought I was going to die. At one point I had Rex between my legs and John outed him. I have never been more terrified of being bit before in my life. But Rex is a fun dog and relatively clean.

Wyatt’s still doing relatively well. He keeps getting stronger in the bitework and his obedience has been coming along. If you’ve read about our experience during the BH then you know of his love of traffic cones. I’ve harnessed this power for good. I’ll heel him away from a cone and if he’s doing well I’ll release him and allow him to go bite it for a bit. I just need to make sure there are no cones on the field during trial day!

Kid’s still off and on. He’s a great puppy and is a lot of fun. He has amazing food drive. I mean off the wall, extreme food drive. That and his solid nerves and sociability is what gives me some relief. His prey drives tends to be hit or miss but I feel his ups are higher than his up were last week. He tends to be a bit possessive of his toys and I like that. We’ll see…

And for my WDF friends. Yes, they actually let me work dogs!