Its been a while

More than a month since my last post. Sorry! Lets go over how things are:

Wyatt’s bite work has gotten better. He looks very strong now and has more than enough drive. We’re going to start working on the SchH1 routine with the hope of getting 1 or SchH A in October. His heeling is better and he’s retrieving the dumbbell pretty solid right now. I need to start introducing the A frame. So much stuff and so little time. I need to track. I haven’t freaking tracked in 2 months. That’s bad news.


Here and there. Still not as much prey drive as I’d like but he’s got enough. He’s going to be a tough little guy I think. He is still possessive over his stuff and he even growled at me over a chicken leg when he was 10 weeks old (I made sure he doesn’t do it again but I like the effort). I haven’t done much obedience with him except for some sits, downs and touch. He still has crazy food drive and I decided today to make the switch to totally feeding him raw food. Also his ears are starting to become symmetrical. It was driving me crazy for a while there.


I have been working most of the dogs at the club (under Steve’s watchful eye). I’ve gotten a lot better I think. Right now its all about mastering the mechanics..sleeve presentation, safe catches, etc. I still drive dogs like a girl but slow and steady as Steve says.

I tried to add pictures to this post but my computer wouldn’t let me. Suck. Next time.


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