Lazy, lazy, lazy

It’s been forever since my last post and a few thing s have changed.Last week was the busiest duty week I’ve been on yet. Between searching for drug dealers on a cruise ship and riding out to Ambrose (15 miles from the coast) at 4am I’ve had little time to post or even train. I haven’t tracked for almost two weeks before today. So here we are…


Wyatt’s  training has actually been going exceptionally well. He is really picking up the retrieve. I took him out yesterday and did flat retrieves outside. He’s is picking up the dumbbell, running back and holding it tight. Tracking went fairly well today. He finished the track well but lacked intensity (no surprise there).  The only issue is that by the time he got to the last steps ants were covering the bait and he didn’t want to eat them. I might start doing some article tracks and only reward when he gets to the article.


I have gotten more and more excited about kid. His prey drive has really increased over the last week. He actively chases his favorite toy, a mini tug and rag. He has great nerves. When he is biting the prey object he is unshakable. He doesn’t show any aversion to the clatter stick, the whip, hands over his face etc. His food drive is intense. He will do anything for some kibble but when he smells the good stuff (treat rolls, pepperoni, summer sausage) he goes crazy. His obedience is coming along but I have plenty of time! He also has a bit of an attitude.  I like that. The one warning sign is he is no natural retriever. He gets his object and bolts.

I’ll try and get another video up by next post. Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “Lazy, lazy, lazy

  1. Hey Ben, you wouldn’t happen to have a LiveJournal, would you? If so, I know a community that would love to have you.

  2. It’s

    You don’t need an account to read public posts, but you will to makes posts of your own or to read members only posts.

    It’s a mix of “pet people” and professional (certified) trainers, agility, rally, and I think a couple of people doing Schutzhund. Most there choose not to use corrections, but almost everyone has a VERY solid knowledge of behavioral science and will be willing to help you with your marker training.

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