What a trip

I’m sore.  I’m tired.  in the last 24 hours I drove 14 of it. I just got back from Richmond, Virginia where I was picking up my new schutzhund prospect.  I got to Barry Walton’s place out in Dinwiddie about 8 o’clock this morning. I spent two awesome hours there picking out a puppy and working every bulldog he owns. What an awesome experience! The puppy’s father hits like a sack of bricks. Comes staight in and trys to put you on your butt. The dam was unshakable.  Great drive and nerves and I get the feeling that she’d be just as happy biting the arm without the sleeve.

I can’t say enough good things about Barry and Nova Uniao Kennels. He’s a class act, has some great dogs and seems to be breeding some great dogs.

The new puppy was one of two that stood out from the rest. He had great prey drive, showed no fear of loud noises and was very social.  He laid on Jenna’s lap the whole way home and perked right up when he got in the apartment. I’m pretty excited and I feel like this puppy has what it takes to do big things. The rest is up to me.

Here’s the sire Levi:

The dam Connie:

And without further ado here’s Billy the Kid of Nova Uniao :


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