Two steps foward and one step back

Went out and tracked Wyatt today. I’ve done 4 straight tracks this week and he’s nailed all three of them. I decided to up the ante a bit today and add a corner. He made the corner pretty well but he got confused after the corner and got turned around. He eventually found his way and then failed to down on the article. Bah. The only thing we can do it more tracking.

On a positive note I’ve really been able to motivate Wyatt this week in obedience. His heeling is looking much better and he has begun taking the dumbbell from my hand on command. Hopefully I can put it all together at some point.

I think out club is having a trial in September. I’m trying to get him ready for Sch1 at this trial but I don’t think it’s going to happen. We’ll see in three months I guess.

Here’s the track:


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