Claudia Romard Seminar

This week our club hosted Claudia Romard for a Schutzhund Seminar that covered all three phases and Wyatt was one of the dogs she worked with. I have mixed feelings about the seminar. On Saturday it was more of a formal lecture type. Claudia spoke for a couple of hours, imparted some wisdom on her training style and then we worked the dogs individually. After each dog Claudia gave some tips and advice. For Wyatt she told me that I should stop spitting hot dogs to him from my mouth. We then worked the dogs in protection. She didn’t have much advice there.

On Sunday it was a lot less formal. We tracked a few dogs. She gave me some good advice on improving Wyatt’s tracking. She said that he lacked intensity and I needed something special to put on the track to spark his interest. I went to the store after the seminar and bought some wet food to train with.  She also showed us how she specifically trains her dogs in tracking. She starts all her dogs on scent pads. After the dog is fluent on the scent pad she creates a track from that scent pad to another one, from there she creates a track to another scent pad. As the dog gets better she does more legs and scent pads, more distance to the scent pad and smaller scent pads. I’m not sure I’ll use the method but it sure sounds interesting.

The seminar wasn’t bad but I’m not sure it was worth the $1500 our club payed. Claudia’s style is very similar to what our club uses any way. I didn’t feel she did anything special and she didn’t show us much specifics. I think it would have been more fair to invite her for a training day and pay for her gas and room. Live and learn I guess.


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