Wyatt’s first trial

Yesterday Wyatt and I trialed for BH. It is both of ours first trial and it was certainly a learning experience.  We started in the long down and Wyatt nailed that part. It went down hill from there. During our on lead heeling Wyatt had terrible attention. At a couple points he actually put his nose down to smell the grass. After a couple of pretty bad about turns and a decent heel through the group we started off leash heeling. Once again his heel through the group wasn’t terrible and we got to the starting point for the J. I fussed Wyatt up to the cone that marked the starting point. He looked at me, looked at the cone and it was on. He jumped on it, bit the cone at the top and started to swing it around. Damn.  I outed him and gave him another fuss command and he came back to heel. I managed to finish the rest of the off leash heeling without embarrassing myself too bad. I finished with the sit and down in motion. His sit was fine, he lost a point for stand when I walked back to him. Now for the last exercise of the day. I yelled for Wyatt to Platz and kept walking. After 30 paces I turned around and sure enough Wyatt was sitting. Damn there goes another 5 points.  I recalled him and for some reason this is the only thing the entire day he was excited about doing. He speeds down the field and slams in to my legs before collecting himself in to a half ass sit  angled halfway between a front and the basic position. Damn.

I threw the leash on the mutt and told him under my breath that I was going to take him back to the pound. We walked to the judge, shook his hand and walked back to the spectators. Al gave me some advice, told me where I lost my points and gave me the score. 44! We passed! All in all it was a lot worse than I had hoped but much better than failing. I’ll take it.

After all the other dogs trialed we did the Part B of the BH. Wyatt did fine and it was official. He passed his BH test.


2 responses to “Wyatt’s first trial

  1. workingdogswin

    Congrats!!! That was quite a trial, but at the end of the day, he still won. 🙂 The man who graduates last from medical school is still called “Doctor.”

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