Here we are

Hey people of the internet,

Welcome to my inaugural blog post. I’d like to say I’m super excited about keeping this blog updated on a regular basis but we’ll see  guess.  I’m actually starting this now as opposed to any other time in the past or future because a few big things are happening.

First I’m getting a new puppy.  I’m getting an American Bulldog from Barry at Nova Uniao Kennels. The father seems like a pretty solid dog.  A medium sized (70ish pounds) tan dog, high prey drive and good nerves. The bitch is a white AB, seems like a defensive dog and hard hitting. I’ve got pretty high hopes for the puppy. I’d like to get this dog to AWDF natonals. Only time will tell.

The puppies:

When people ask which one I’m getting I always say “Which ever one will work” but secretly I hope its the reddish brindle guy.

The second big thing is I’m trialing my Pit/GSD mix for BH tomorrow. This is a big deal and its been a hell of a journey to get here.  I’ve trained with three clubs in two states. I’ve been working on the BH routine off and on for about 30 months now. About a year ago I moved out of Richmond, VA and back to Hampton. At that point it was to far to drive to train and so I gave it up for a bit. About 7 months ago I moved to NYC. I’ve found a great club here and hopefully I’ll be telling you guys on the interwebs all about passing my BH tomorrow. I’ll leave you guys with a picture…

Please forgive the forging.


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